Robert Roth CV

Robert Roth is an Ohio-based artist who grew up in the historic seaside village of Cold Spring Harbor, New York. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Robert studied painting under Thomas Sgouros. He also had the opportunity to study with master, Claes Oldenburg. Robert approaches his work by inventing from nature, “ I like to be spontaneous, by abstracting the forms I try to create a sense of mood and atmosphere.” He combines a variety of textures and shapes blended with quick brush strokes to achieve a sense of lost and found. Throughout his travels, he is always recording from life. Roth is also particularly inspired by the likes of Degas, Vuillard, Diebenkorn, and Picasso. His paintings are held in public and private collections including The Ritz Carlton, American Express, The New Yorker, Columbia University and Northeastern University. Robert has received numerous honors, including a Silver Medal from The Cleveland Museum of Art and two medals from The Heckscher Museum in New York. Robert has exhibited his work in New York City, East Hampton, Santa Fe, Washington DC and Martha’s Vineyard.

b. 1965, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Rhode Island School Of Design, RI  1983-87 BFA
Parson’s School of Design, NYC   1981-83 

CIA Exhibition, Reinberger Gallery, Cleveland Institute of Art
WARM WATERS, Anne Neilson Fine Art, Charlotte, NC

NAKED SKIES, Dimmitt Contemporary Art, Houston, TX 

EMERGENCE, Dimmitt Contemporary Art, Houston, TX
OCEAN STANDS, Blue Gallery, KC, MO
WINTERGARDEN, Gallery W, Cleveland, OH 

NEW WORKS, Robert Roth & Jun Kaneko, Gerald Peters Gallery, SF, MN
WATER'S EDGE, Recent Paintings, Blue Gallery, KC, MO
ABSTRACTION (AGFAS), Gallery W, Cleveland, OH 

LANDSCAPES, Anne Neilson Fine Art, Charlotte, NC
RECENT WORKS, (AGFAS) Irving Stone Gallery, Cleveland, OH
OCEAN, Eisenhauer Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA
RECENT COLLAGES, Gerald Peters Gallery,  Santa Fe, NM
PRIMITIVE CUTS, AG Gallery, Cleveland , OH 

HIGH TIDE, Sullivan Gallery, Bay Village, OH
RECENT WORKS, Eisenhauer Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA
ROTHKO FRIDAYS, AG Gallery, Cleveland , OH
(AGFAS), SPACES, Cleveland, OH    

ICE HOUSE, AG Gallery, Cleveland, OH
SMALL WORKS, AG Gallery, Cleveland , OH
ALTERED SCAPES The Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland, OH 

SKY BREAK, Gerald Peters Gallery,  Santa Fe, NM   
Romare Bearden, Joseph Cornell, Richard Diebenkorn, Ray Johnson, Robert Roth, James Rosenquist,  Frank Stellar.
Recent Landscapes, SPACES, Cleveland, OH
Art Aspen,  GP gallery, Aspen, CO 

26 Recent works, AG Gallery, Cleveland , OH
Polkapocalypse, SPACES, Cleveland, OH2012 
Stillifes, ASPEN ART Gerald Peters Gallery, Aspen, CO
Stillifes, Bonfoey Gallery,  Cleveland, OH
Stillifes, Gerald Peters Gallery,  Santa Fe, NM
Recent paintings, AG Fine Arts Exhibition, SPACES, Cleveland, OH 

Stillifes, AG Gallery, Cleveland , OH
Pop Royal, SPACES, Cleveland, OH
Report your sighting, AG Gallery, Cleveland, OH
40 small works, AG Gallery, Cleveland , OH
Cleveland Works, Pennello Gallery, Cleveland , OH
AG Fine Arts Exhibition, SPACES, Cleveland, OH

Jazz Arrangements, AG Gallery, Cleveland , OH
A Day in the Hampton’s, AG Gallery, Cleveland , OH
Recent landscapes, Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta ga.
Landscapes, Mary Etherington Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Recent landscapes, Hudson Fine Arts, Hudson, OH
The Island, Dragonfly Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA 

Gold Medal, (AGFAS) SPACES Cleveland, OH
National Endowment for the Arts, NEA Grant Award
Heckscher Museum Award, (2) NY EXHIBITION
Silver Medal, Cleveland Museum of Art, (AGFAS) SPACES Cleveland, OH
Bronze Medal, AGFAS,  Cleveland, OH
The New York Times Award
Best Series,  (AGFAS) Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Best Series, SPACES, Cleveland, OH
Honorable Mention, SPACES, Cleveland, OH
Original Art Award SI Museum, NYC (7)
Print Magazine Award
Communication Arts Magazine Award, (6) 

The Ritz Carlton Hotels
The Grammy Awards
American Express
American Airlines
BMG Music
United Airlines
Northeastern University
The New Yorker
Taylor Swift
The New York Times
RCA Records
Macrostie Winery and Vineyard
Villas at Fashion Island
Columbia University