Gregory Hayes is a Brooklyn-based artist who is known for his methodical and systematic process based on the concept of "brushless" painting. Hayes' abstract works almost seem digitalized or computerized from a distance due to his meticulous technique and mark making. Exposing the paint's natural ability to form shapes and patterns on its own on the surface of the canvas, Hayes uses paint to create a multi-dimensional space and kaleidoscopic-like texture that challenges the viewer's perception. His work ranges from the more mathematical Primary Array and Color Array paintings that are built over a ¼ inch grid, to the Amalgamation series that takes a more intuitive and gestural approach to the entirely blank canvas. The result is a dynamic and varied body of work that is tied together through Hayes' impressive and unique technique coupled with an insatiable desire to continue experimenting with the medium. Hayes has received his BFA in painting at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and his MFA at Brooklyn College in 2011. His work has been exhibited in many exhibitions in the United States and art fairs internationally including Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Colorado, SCOPE Basel, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and was included in both the Millay Colony and Fire Island Pines Arts Project residencies.


b. 1980, Buffalo, New York