Ali McNabney-Stevens

Ali McNabney-Stevens CV

Ali McNabney-Stevens is a Melbourne-based contemporary artist whose work aims to explore the links between her experiences and artistic practice by recollecting nostalgic flashes of her past and joining them with the here and now. For the artist time is irrelevant and following the links and ties to get to the elusive perfect ending is all that matters. The exploration of memories coupled with the visual revisiting of unassuming day-to-day happenings has brought an expressive freedom to Ali’s work. Using flora and fauna as a catalyst, this fresh perspective has seen her creating a dialogue using oils and collage to search for her imagery unashamedly getting lost in thought provides a lineal view into the artist’s life story page by page. Layers of memory are delicately articulated through oil and collage and woven together with the artist’s characteristically painterly marks. Her work draws physical reference from still life whilst the narrative expels lifecycle observations of a deep, raw and mulled beauty. McNabney-Stevens earned an honors degree in Art History and Design from Edinburgh College of Art, and then proceeded to further her studies in Fine Art at Saint Martin’s in London, England. Her work is exhibited internationally displaying her pedigree with an impressive body of abstract works that demonstrate versatility and individuality. 

b. 1968, London, England


Fine Art Studies, Saint Martin’s, London, England

Design and History of Art The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland

Foundation Art Year, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK


Real Imagined Remembered, Studio Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Weaving The Here And Then, fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, Australia


Studio Gallery Melbourne, Australia

A Small Gathering with Studio Gallery Melbourne at Forty Five Downstairs, Melbourne, Australia

Denfair, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Walcha Gallery of Art, Walcha, Australia