Century: Logan Ledford

Artist Logan Ledford is full of contradictions. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she is a gracious and charming southern belle with unmatched etiquette and the kind of quiet mystique that fills a room. Simultaneously, she is sprightly, edgy, and adventurous. Logan is natural and glamorous, messy and polished, uncomplicated and embellished. Logan's artwork, as a result, is a representation of the beautiful contradictions she embodies, which is why it resonates broadly, yet feels incredibly personal to her fans, followers, and collectors.


Logan graduated from Louisiana State University in 2009 with a degree in Interior Design before relocating to New Orleans. Her sharp eye for design and keen sense of color led to a successful stint as a graphic designer before she developed her signature "spot" concept in 2014, and her career as a visual artist took off. Like many others, I discovered Logan on Instagram. Her work is perfect for the platform – her playful shapes and whimsical pigments lure you in until you are convinced that a wall adorned with a Logan original is far superior to a wall without. I am what New Orleanians lovingly refer to as a "transplant" (I moved here from Baltimore, but anyone who wasn't born in New Orleans gets the moniker). To me, Logan's work was everything I loved about the South: vibrant, exciting, fun. I'm now a proud collector and friend.


In CENTURY: A Review in Color of the 20th Century Home, Logan delves further into her love for Interior Design, amplified by a tasteful, strategic use of color. After months of careful research, Logan has employed her signature techniques to communicate exterior and interior shades found in the 20th century home, with palettes ranging from a 1920s Craftsman exterior, to a 1940s sitting room, a 1950s dining room, a 1980s bathroom, and so on. Now on view at the Dimmitt Contemporary Art gallery in Houston, CENTURY evokes feelings of nostalgia and while presenting opportunity for discovery, the kind of contradictory experience that we have come to expect, and love, of Logan Ledford.