Randal Ford: A Collection of Animal Portraits: Randal Ford

Over 40,000 years ago, we began to depict animals in cave drawings. Throughout history, mankind’s consistent portrayal of animals in art is a testament to the importance of our connection with the animal kingdom. 

As mankind evolved, so did our artwork. We began to not only depict, but personify animals. We began to see our human emotions in animals.  This anthropomorphism or personification connected us to animals on a deeper and more emotional level.  

This collection is my perspective and portrayal of the animal kingdom.  As a portrait photographer, my intention is for these animal portraits to speak to you.  What they say depends on the conscious and subconscious feelings you embody.  

By photographing each subject in the studio on a neutral background, I am creating a portrait that is focused on the animal only.  This deconstructive approach to portraiture allows you to experience the creature in a way otherwise not possible.  Through this language of simplistic portraiture, these photographs are aimed to elicit an emotion in you.

Whether it’s beauty, power, or humor, I want to give animals the opportunity to tell their story and to connect with you.

Ford’s Collection of Animal Portraits features his acclaimed “Animal Kingdom” series alongside his most recent series “Good Dog.” This collection of intimate photographs captured by Ford showcase a variety of species across the animal kingdom exploring each animal’s personality and behavior. His objective is to capture simple, singular and beautiful portraits giving each animal the opportunity to elicit emotion and connect with its viewer. Ford utilizes a deconstructive approach to portraiture by isolating each animal on a stark backdrop focusing fully on the animal without distraction. Inspired by classic portrait photographers such as Richard Avedon, Ford’s practice highlights the essence of who a subject really is.