Mallory Page
CONTACT: Online Exhibition
November 17 - December 15, 2021

"The impulses began for me the day I arrived home from the hospital. Outside my window, rain was pouring from the sky. As I peered out to the soggy summer grass, I yearned deeply to stand in the rain. The rain, the grass, this freshly energized space of earth called out to me emphatically. I needed it. I was recovering from a poorly placed epidural which punctured my spinal cord and caused traumatic headaches as a result of fluids leaking out of the puncture. Not to mention, I had just had a child. And now, an otherworldly language of yearning was speaking - calling me. Hunched under an umbrella, I am escorted into the rain, my feet touch the earth, and I make contact. This would happen again and again in my first year after giving birth.

Nearly a year after these first moments connecting with the earth as a new mother, I was asked to work on a commission of three giant paintings. Again the impulse returned, but this time to create what I had known of the healing waves, the connected energy of the earth, I have experienced. I felt as though I had to be very responsible with my energy in this work; a lot of clearing went into preparation so that I could focus on not allowing myself to influence the energetic sensory. It was important to me that this work just didn’t look healing but that it also acted as an otherworldly realm of the Great Mother. As I researched and discovered colors which contained this magnetic energetic aura, a secondary body of work formed. This work, painted alongside the commissioned paintings consists of my thinly veiled layers of acrylic wash. Each stroke, performative, encompassing the entire span of my body. But as a result of my new understanding, spray bottles filled with energetically charged rainwater collected from afternoon showers and hurricanes are used to convey fluidity. They speak of nature and the body - from my leaking fluids (the pain points of western medicine) and the rain that healed the broken body from the greatest resource we have, the Earth."

- Mallory Page