Margaret Evangeline is a contemporary painter, sculptor, and installation artist who lives and works in New York City. Born in 1943 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Evangeline’s Cajun grandfather taught her the ways of the family farm from a young age, bringing her along to the cotton gin when the crop came in, and teaching her how to shoot, ride, and fish. As a child Evangeline absorbed these traditions, but even as she immersed herself in the south, a vision was already forming in her of a future as an artist in New York City.

"You will find in my work the many awkward or lonely footpaths of the American South, body pain, bombs, card games, fairy tales that were feminist adumbrations, tough references and materials that are resistant to aesthetics, and politics. The very business of being an artist is to examine the unimportant and the unseen, what we have been conditioned not to see.  I see in the drawing of a camellia the drawing of a wound. My culture is underrepresented in American visual art. I am a descendent of Southwest Louisiana acadians. As yet I don’t think acadian women  (especially of my generation) have a place at the table. We’ve seen a lot and have a lot to say.
Now I have the maturity to embrace my own culture where in the past I have been reticent to embrace what comes naturally to me. There is a certain kind of mark making prevalent in the American South and it takes a while to know that it’s not the subject matter itself that makes you Southern, it’s the way you mark the canvas. Cy Twombly is a good example. He broke with Postwar Abstraction when he began to recognize his innate tendency to express himself with authenticity through mark making. This, his love of the antiquity, and an unusual use of space and palette made him different from the original Abstract Expressionists.
The thrust of my work is political and performative. Encoded in the drawings of a camellia is a wound that is and always has been at the center of my work. I have the maturity to embrace my culture with its sometimes misfit approaches. I gravitated to the use of crystallina  mixed with oil paint in the late 70’s as it seemed to add a spiritualized element to certain colors. Even to the most secular southern artist there is an understanding that we are here as divine beings to have a human experience. That’s tradition in the writings of Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner, Carson McCullers, Truman Capote. I exploit materials in order to show that supranatural dimension.  My use of the color gold alludes to an incorruptible light just as it acknowledges a conflicting side of the golden aura that it, like power, can be overturned to expose corruptibility. I like to start with something and turn it on its head. I like aesthetically skipping around in a series to produce disturbances. Danger and turbulence shake out our inner dialogs to bring us to a wordless state where visions form.  I like that Edward Lucie- Smith writes “[Margaret Evangeline’s images] can be described as uneasy…surprises that sneak up on one…that astonish the creator as much as they surprise the audience.” As Lucie-Smith likes to point out these are unforced surprises. This may be a result of my growing up in a Francophonic culture without the use of its language (I didn’t speak it). This left me with unexpressed perceptions that I later took up in painting and various other media. I found it boundlessly fascinating later that blessure in French means wound. In tracing this etymology further I found that in Old English blessing was based on the word blod.  To mark was to consecrate and a consecration was done in blood.
The same goes for my installation of shot prison mirrors, “Ruination and Redemption.” Viewers can see themselves caught in a situation that  on the face of it can never be fixed. That is the meaning of ruination. Through peripheral vision, what arises is a ghostly grace, partly through the text of “Amazing Grace” but partly it’s something else. Outside of this picture plane one can begin to see the possibility of an unmerited blessing.
In another series of small paintings that began darkly as silky surfaces there is the interruption of an unsteady haunted rectangle, a room.   It is interesting to note that in medieval times The Keep was a castle tower originally meant for keeping the owners safe. Sometimes it became a prison. The title of this series, The Keep, (Lock Her Up) references a global tendency that wants to box women in." - Evangeline
b. 1943, Baton Rouge, Louisiana




MFA, University of New Orleans



BA, University of New Orleans





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The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Biennial Competition Nominee



Artists Summer Institute, Creative Capital Professional Development Program



Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship Nominee



Art Omi Artist Residency Board Member



30th Anniversary of University of New Orleans Honored Artist Alumna with Peter Halley and

Lucky DeBellevue

Louisiana Art Works International Artist-in-Residence



Joan Mitchell Foundation Moderator for Artists Visit Artists Part 1 and 2, Louisiana Artworks,

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