Holly Addi’s paintings are often about contact with the architectural structure of life’s imperfections and the harmony of this philosophy. By rejecting an objective truth and global cultural narratives,  Addi creates with daily, recognizable elements, an unprecedented situation in which the viewer is confronted with the conditioning of his own perception and has to reconsider his biased position.

Her paintings are often about contact with architecture and basic living elements. Energy (heat, light, water), space and landscape are examined in less obvious ways and sometimes developed in absurd ways. In a search for new methods to ‘read the city’, she focuses on the idea of ‘public space’ and more specifically on spaces where anyone can do anything at any given moment: the non-private space, the non-privately owned space, space that is economically uninteresting.

Her work urges us to renegotiate painting as being part of a reactive or – at times – autistic medium, commenting on oppressing themes in our contemporary society. By applying abstraction, she creates intense personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles. Her works do not reference recognisable forms. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted.

Holly Addi has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in prominent galleries nationwide. She has also been featured in publications including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, My Domaine, and Electrify Magazine. Holly Addi lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah.

b. 1973, Salt Lake City, Utah


Cheryl Hazan, Anam Cara, New York, NY

Uprise Art, November Skies
Gregg Irby, Contemporary in Color, Atlanta, GA
Blue Gallery, Feminine Strength & the Art of Colour, Kansas City, MO
Uprise Art, Modern Beach
Gregg Irby Gallery, Et Blanc, Atlanta, GA
Addison Gallery, Collective, Delray Beach, FL
Exhibit by Aberson, Currant, Tulsa, OK

Uprise Art, Skandi Lagom
Addison Gallery, Ephemera, Delray Beach, FL
Gregg Irby Gallery, Collective Exhibit, Atlanta, GA

Anne Neilsen Fine Art, Charlotte, NC
Addison Gallery, Collective, Delray Beach, FL

Arte Haus, Grey Matter Persimmon Rains, Salt Lake City, UT
Arte Haus / Modern Skogg / Salt Lake City, UT / September

15th Street Gallery / Wonderland / Salt Lake City, UT
15th Street Gallery / Lumi / Salt Lake City, UT

Sotheby’s / collaborative exhibit / Salt Lake City, UT

15th Street Gallery, Capri, Salt Lake City, UT
Evans Foundation Sotheby’s, exhibit, Salt Lake City, UT