Peruvian artist, Cecilia Paredes, is a contemporary performance and installation artist, who is best known for her unusual work in which she uses her own body as a canvas for bodypaint. Her last name, Paredes, which means walls in Spanish, perfectly suits her fascination with turning herself into a human chameleon and melting herself into the walls. Paredes has also transformed herself into animals, plants, or her surroundings by using body paints, which are applied to her body by her assistants. The idea behind her work is to display a theme of relocation and adjustment to one's surroundings, especially after migration or displacement. With her striking and thought-provoking pieces, she aims to illustrate every person's quest to belong. Paredes currently lives and works between Philadelphia, PA and Lima, Peru. 
b. Lima, Peru, 1950


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DISCOVERY: Banff Center for the Arts Thematic Residency, Canada
Artist in Residence, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Rockefeller Foundation Residency for Visual Artist, Bellagio, Italy
First Prize, Sculpture Biennial Cerveceria, Costa Rica
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