"My work is a visual record of the world around me; capturing those moments that have become rooted in my memory. I am not interested in replicating nature, but rather the bits and pieces that have struck a chord with me. I tend to work large, starting with bold black ink sketches that reference organic shapes. I then obscure parts with multiple layers of broken color. I work back and forth in this manner developing a thick build up of paint in some areas while others remain thin and open. Washes contrast with impasto and interplay with the loose drawings within the piece. The essence of my work is exploring the beauty that is present in the natural world. In this process I take in what draws me to nature and bring it back to the canvas via my own voice." - Ramirez
Ramirez is a Cuban born painter that was raised in Miami. His work is a visual blog of the world around him. He is an outdoors person and his work undoubtedly begins in nature. He is not interested in replicating nature, but rather recording his connection to it. He is drawn to its expanse, color and all encompassing aspect that makes us feel small. Ramirez is looking to explore nature in its totality, not merely the visual aspect, but what it says to him.
Color is integral part of the work. Unlike many other painters, Ramirez comes from a fashion background, designing for his own label Liancarlo for years. That experience coupled with having been raised in the tropics have shaped his perception and use of color.
His work plays the edge between abstraction and representational. Ink sketches within the work depicting leaves, petals, stones loosely reference nature, while the underlying structure and palette remain rooted in abstraction. This contrast between the recognizable and the obscure allows for the viewer to connect with the work on various levels.


BA Florida International University, Miami, FL
University of Miami, School of Law, Miami, FL
Wolf Kahn, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL
2014 :
Abstract Painting Workshop, Thomaston, ME
Master Artists-In-Residence Program, Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL
LA Art Show, FP Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
Five Painters Paint, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, Santa Fe
Splash - Group Show, FP Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
In Nature - Laguna Art Museum and Kelsey Michaels Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA
Context/Art Miami, FP Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
Winter Group Show, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
Carlos Ramirez: In My Garden II, Craighead Green, Dallas, TX
Flower Exhibition Show, Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO
Carlos Ramirez: In My Garden, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM * 2017 Carlos Ramirez: Garden Views, Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA *
Brand Spanking Blue Group Show, Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
Carlos Ramirez: Outside My Window, Addison Gallery, Delray Beach, FL * 2016 Summer Group Show, Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA
Chevere Group Show, Sirona Fine Art, Hallandale Beach, FL
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Commission for Nordstroms, NYC store.
Commission for The Peninsula Regent, San Mateo, CA
Commission for Kenneth Brown Design, Los Angeles, CA for Baton Rouge, LA residence Commission for Olsson-Fernandez, Miami, FL for Park Avenue, NYC residence
Commission Piece for Sinai Residences, Boca Raton, FL
Final Selection for lobby artwork commission Biltmore at Bay Colony, Naples, FL 2016 Commission for Simon Chong Design, Hong Kong